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      Of course, my lady, murmured Barker, full of sympathy. If you will lie down on this couch I will cover you up carefully, and you can try and sleep till its time for me to dress you. His lordship said you were to rest.He turned his face resolutely to the window, as if to end the conversation, and he did not speak again till they were moving slowly into the great station, in the azure brightness of the electric light.

      I see, said Lady Wyndover. And had you no lady friend?

      "My dear Mrs. Crowther, what nonsense," cried Isola, growing crimson at this motherly officiousness. "I have never been out of health, or in the least likely to go into a decline. One cannot always look like a dairy-maid."

      Trafford looked down gravely, remorsefully; he had not thought of her. He did not know what to say, so, of course, he said the unwisest thing.

      "Have you any notion yet what kind of life you are to lead after your marriage? I hope it will not be a roving life. Isola and I would like to have our sister near us."[Pg 211]



      "I don't know about the present. I have heard that in the past his reputation was not altogether good."