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      Varley smiled listlessly.

      I dont care anything about the breakfast, he said. I must catch that train; and, look here, he added, dont say anything about the telegram. Just say that Ive gone up to town, and that Ill write.Esmeralda, will you be my wife very soon?

      Esmeralda looked at her plate and sighed also. The strain was beginning to tell upon her, too. Anything would be better than this daily, hourly companionship with a man for whom she dared not show her love.

      As I wrote and told you, Lilias, nothing is settled, he said, gravely; and Lilias smiled, as Lord Selvaine had done.


      I wonder whether shed be angry if I gave her some money? Perhaps shes got some children at home as hungry as she is!




      Varley Howard raised his sombrero. Mr. Pinchook lifted his London-made bowler; then he got off his horse stiffly, and, with a sigh of relief, wiped his face with a silk handkerchief.