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      "They were less fortunate than we," the Doctor remarked as they proceeded with their tow.No, I am not the least tired, he said. As soon as I have changed my clothes, I shall go down to my office.

      "Robbers! Master Tyler, nonoit is one thing to rob, and another to repay yourself, if the chance comes in your way, if you have been cheated."

      "Good even, Stephen," said Wat Turner, the parish smith, in as kind a tone as his abrupt manner could assume; "you are hard at work, masterare you going to set the old cot to rights?"

      A little low stool, on which was a broad and very flat pot for holding hot water to put in the tea.

      He held up apologetic hands, and spoke in baby voice.

      "How know you that?" asked Richard, with surprise.


      The tenantry were arranged in the following order: