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      Is that so? he said, addressing Trafford.

      The duke looked at her with curiosity veiled behind his kind and courtly smile; then he extended his long, white hand, and held hers, as he said in his low, slow voice, which had a ring of Traffords in it:

      Esmeralda pushed Mr. Pinchook aside, and stepped forward at Varleys left hand. She was very pale, and her lovely eyes looked through a mist of tears.Because its the deadliest blow Dogs Ear could strike at us all, he said. We prevented them robbing the coach the other day, and this is their revenge.


      Shes alive, she said in a low voice, and with her eyes fixed upon the ground. Youd better fetch a doctor.Theres heaps of men who can do that, she said, half jealously.


      There was no great harm done, and Trafford picked himself up, shook himself, and mounted again. But by this time the pair he was pursuing had completely vanished and had left no clew behind them. His horse, though uninjured by its fall, was not rendered more cheerful by the mishap, and did not evince any very great interest in the proceedings, but went along rather sullenly for a time. Presently, however, he pricked up his ears and quickened his pace. It was evident that he had been made aware, either by the sense of smell or hearing, of the proximity of some human being or friendly animal.


      Yes, she said, looking at the plate.Lady Lilias came down the stairs, and went straight to Trafford.