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      "I'm going to m?ake a farmer of un, your reverence."

      Being an excerpt from a directive issued by the Executive and his Private Council, elected and confirmed by the Confederation, and upheld by majority vote of the Senate: the directive preserved in Confederation Archives, and signed under date of May 21 in the year two hundred and ten of the Confederation.

      "I've known them unconscious longer than that. But, cheer up, ma'amwe're not going to let him slip past us."

      Albin grinned wryly. "I told somebody else that, last night," he said. "Man named Doddhell, you know Johnny Dodd. Told him he needed some fun. Holy jumping beaversfun.""Leave me alone," Dodd said. "Just do me a favor. Leave me alone."

      The boys obeyed as if dazed, and started to follow little Pete's lead toward the clump of willows.

      Of course Reuben had refused to help him, and Tilly had been unable to get any money out of Pete. Her heart bled for her brothers, and at the same time she could not help envying their freedom, though one enjoyed it as a beggar and the other as a felon.Chapter 15


      "Sich plaguey conceit," muttered Si.


      "Who is there?""How was he acting then?"


      She smiled with that same bitter compassion, and stroked his head with her feeble hand.