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      "Let's make her good and strong, Si," said Shorty, putting in some more tobacco; "for the fellers are sock-dolagers, and it will take a horse dose to kill 'em. They'll just enjoy a little taste o' terbacker. Make it strong enough to bear up an aig. Now, let's git our clothes off while it's coolin' down. You drench me, and I'll drench you, and we'll salivate these gallinippers in a way that'll surprise 'em."

      Well, it worries me. I try not to let it, but the worry is there, no matter what I do. You see, I never thought, out in the marsh, about anything going wrong because I took that big wrench and put it in my tool kit after we salvaged it out of the water. But I dreamt about emeralds, last night, and so I went to a fortune teller gypsy woman and she told me a dream like that meant bad luck in business, and so I said I was a pilot and told her all about the seaplane


      So intent had they been on the business of the gas transfer that as Jeff swung the prop both were taken by surprise when a curt voice came from close under the amphibians tail assembly.


      Si would have sprung up to greet him, but Shorty laid a restraining hand, and whispered:217




      Si and Shorty got very red in the face at this allusion, and began to stammer excuses. The General playfully pinched Si's ear and said: