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      Vansittart Crowther was furious. How was he to bring the responsibility of this outrage home to anybody, when the deed had been done in the dead of night, and no mortal eye had seen the depredators at their felonious work? His locks and bolts and hinges, the best of their kind that Sheffield could supply, had been mocked at and made as naught; and all his dumb dogs of serving men and women had been lying in their too comfortable beds, and had heard never a sound of hammer clinking or crowbar striking on iron. There had not been so much as a kitchen-maid afflicted with the tooth-ache, and lying wakeful, to hear the far-off noise of that villainous deed.

      Oh! if you make a favor of it, Varley, all rightalthough I dont see the use of it.The carriage door was open, the constable standing by, bull's-eye in hand, a pair of horses snorting close behind, another carriage coming up so near that the pole threatened destruction. There was no time for loitering. Everybody was in a hurry to get home. Isola stepped lightly into the brougham, which drove slowly off.

      "My dearest, you are full of mystery to-day," he said, "and I am as full of curiosity. But I can wait. Consider me a statue of patience standing by the way-side, and take your time."


      I dont know, said Esmeralda, with a puzzled air. Why should the men want to marry me? And what does it matter? Im not obliged to marry any of them.


      The BastillePrisons of the RevolutionLes CarmesCazotteThe Terrorists turn upon each otherJosphine de BeauharnaisA musician in the ConciergerieA dog in prisonUnder the guardianship of a dogTallien tries to save TrziaA daggerLa ForceThe last hopeThe TocsinThe 9th Thermidor.