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      When I drew your attention to this text on Sunday last, I pointed out the two great subjects contained in it, viz. the work of atonement completed by our blessed Lord on earth, and His present session at the right hand of God. The latter of these we studied on Sunday last, but the former is of such vast importance to every one of us that it would be wrong to leave the passage without devoting this morning to the careful examination of it.Don said: "Take your hands off me, and I'll go with you quietly."

      "You're foolish," he muttered.Pen waited in the doorway. Riever stepping off the porch, spoke to Delehanty. Delehanty put a hand to his lips and blew a shrill whistle. Out of various shrubby corners of the grounds figures emerged and approached their chief. Like a scene in a melodrama Pen thought with curling lip. There were six of them. That was the number she had seen enter the grounds.

      "I've got to go out," said Pen, exchanging her evening slippers for a pair of rubber-soled sneakers.

      After the Battle ? Canadians resist the Pursuit ? Arrival of Vaudreuil ? Scene in the Redoubt ? Panic ? Movements of the Victors ? Vaudreuil's Council of War ? Precipitate Retreat of the French Army ? Last Hours of Montcalm ? His Death and Burial ? Quebec abandoned to its Fate ? Despair of the Garrison ? Lvis joins the Army ? Attempts to relieve the Town ? Surrender ? The British occupy Quebec ? Slanders of Vaudreuil ? Reception in England of the News of Wolfe's Victory and Death ? Prediction of Jonathan Mayhew.

      "They were brought to me by a person interested in this case, who has been conducting an investigation unknown to me."All at once the animal stopped as suddenly as if he had run against a stone wall. He planted his fore feet, throwing his ears back and his head down. There was a simultaneous rear elevation, with the heels at an upward angle of about 45 degrees. Si went sprawling among the bushes. This performance was greeted with great enthusiasm by the fast increasing crowd of spectators.


      "How can one tell?" said Pen. "The newspapers are so contradictory."


      Murray, kindling at the sight, thought that so favorable a moment was not to be lost, and ordered an advance. His line consisted of eight battalions, numbering a little above two thousand. In the intervals between them the cannon were dragged through slush and mud by five hundred men; and, at a little distance behind, the remaining two battalions followed as a reserve. The right flank was covered by Dalling's light infantry; the left by Hazen's company of rangers and a hundred volunteers under Major MacDonald. They all moved forward till they were on nearly the same ground where Wolfe's army had been drawn up. Then the cannon unlimbered, and opened on the French with such effect that Lvis, who was on horseback in the middle of the field, sent orders to the corps of his left to fall back to the cover of the woods. The movement caused some disorder. Murray mistook it for retreat, and commanded a farther advance. The whole British line, extending itself 348Pen carried the war straight into the enemy's camp. "You did not like him at college, did you?"


      As soon as it was certain that the enemy was really abandoning the bitterly-contested field, an inexpressible weariness overwhelmed everybody. The 200th Ind. could scarcely drag one foot after another as it moved back to find a suitable camping-ground.