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      Taylor nodded.

      I wish I could trace it, he added.

      Bending close, intent and eager, they read:

      "I heard you," said the little man; "what's the other?""Oh, I dare say I'll fail on that," he answered indifferently, and taking up his sombrero went out to saddle his horse.Not even our Sandy could discover a thing, Dick confided.

      TEMPLE BAR IN 1800.

      "Come in," said her husband. He was pouring out a drink of whiskey.

      Sandy, helpless to interfere, heard Dick give the substance of what they had learned from the superstitious pilot. The man continued:


      Cairness sat more erect, and settled down to wait. The motion was so swift that he hardly felt it. He turned his head and looked back at the flaming corrals, and, remembering the dead animals, wondered who had hamstrung them. Then he peered forward again the little way he could see along the road, and began to make out that there was some one ahead of him. Whoever it was scurrying ahead there, bent almost double in his speed, was the one who had hamstrung the mules and horses, and who had set fire to the corrals. The pony was rather more under control now. It could be guided by the halter shank.